Trapani’s Culinary Heritage

Unveiling the Essence of Pesto Trapanese at Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio

The pesto trapanese at Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio is more than a sauce; it’s a journey through Sicilian culinary history. This creamy and flavorful sauce, ideal for dressing pasta, especially the traditional Trapanese “busiate,” tells a tale of ancient origins. The recipe, originating from the bustling port of Trapani, reflects the cultural exchange between Genoese sailors and locals.

A Fusion of Cultures – Origins and Ingredients

This Sicilian delicacy, born from the meeting of Genoese merchant ships laden with traditional green pesto ingredients and the vibrant Trapanese port, showcases a fusion of cultures. The sailors from Genoa introduced the locals to their traditional basil, garlic, and pine nut pesto, known as “agliata genovese”.

The Trapanese, in turn, adapted the recipe to their local produce, giving rise to the red-hued “agliata trapanese” made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and almonds.

Savoring Tradition: Serving Suggestions

To fully appreciate this culinary marriage, we recommend pairing the pesto trapanese with freshly made “busiate” pasta. (Refer to the photo at the end of the page).

Enhance the experience with a generous sprinkle of ricotta salata or pecorino. This dish not only tantalizes the taste buds but also narrates the story of a port where flavors, products, and traditions converged.

Preserving Sicilian Culinary Heritage

At Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio, we take pride in preserving and celebrating Sicilian culinary heritage. Our pesto trapanese is more than a sauce; it’s a cultural legacy. As you savor our dishes, understand that each bite carries the essence of Sicily, meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and transmit the richness of Italian gastronomy.

Hand made Busiata alla mediterranea

dressed with eggplants, clams, prawns, capers, Trapanese pesto, and toasted almonds