Sicily’s Prized Jewel: Pistachio Brilliance

Sourced from the sun-kissed orchards of Sicily, our pistachios are a symphony of flavor.

Their vibrant green hue and distinct taste make them the crown jewel of Sicilian cuisine. We’ve unlocked the secret to their perfection, enhancing our dishes with their unmatched quality.

Pistachio Pleasures at Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio

Immerse yourself in the pistachio-infused delights at Vicio. Our culinary artisans craft each dish with passion, ensuring that the pistachio’s essence shines through. Whether you’re savoring the satisfying crunch in a savory pasta or delighting our Pistacchiomisù, you’re partaking in the Sicilian love affair with pistachios.

Pistachio Magic Unleashed

At Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio, pistachios aren’t just an ingredient; they’re a journey, a celebration of Sicilian flavors. Join us in experiencing the magic of Sicily’s green gold as we bring you pistachio-infused culinary wonders, inviting you to explore, savor, and indulge in the essence of this Sicilian treasure.

Crunchy Symphony in Every Bite

Picture perfectly cooked homemade paccheri pasta generously adorned with vibrant broccoli florets, succulent prawns, and the creamy richness of burrata.

What sets this dish apart is the delightful crunch provided by finely crushed pistachios, adding a symphony of textures to each bite.

(Refer to the photo at the end of the page).

Versatility Beyond Compare

The Sicilian pistachio isn’t confined to a specific course; it’s a culinary chameleon.

From savory to sweet, its adaptability knows no bounds.

At Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio, we’ve harnessed this versatility, incorporating pistachios into various dishes to captivate your palate.

Pistachio Sweet Symphony: The Pistacchiomisù Sensation

Prepare your taste buds for a sweet serenade with our famed Pistacchiomisù. It’s not just a dessert; it’s a celebration.

Layers of luscious mascarpone meet the enchanting melody of pistachio-infused cream.

Each spoonful is a journey through the Sicilian countryside, where the pistachio reigns supreme.


Paccheri with broccoli | prawns | burrata | pistachio grits.