Wondering how Italians enjoy their night? The aperitivo is an Italian tradition where people gather with friends before dinner to drink and eat some snacks. A perfect moment to talk about the past day and appreaciate, usually, a nice glass of Prosecco or Spritz.

You can experience the same sensation at your home starting from €15/pp with our fixed menu option. Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio’s Sicilian catering offers a complete delivery service perfect for parties and events. Bringing the Italian tradition to your home is easy, simply complete the booking form down below.


Another option to try the Sicilian Aperitivo is to come to one of our events. Here you can meet new people and taste our cuisine. Ticket: €11 + €1 euro for artist. Here you will enjoy:

  • A rich Sicilian buffet with GIANT RICE ARANCINE (this buffet is suitable for our vegetarian and vegan friends too… with a lot of small pizzas for kids!)
  • One free drink
  • At 20:30 the unmissable tasting of fresh pasta
  • A sweet mountain of cannoli, cassate and other typical Sicilian sweets (not included in your ticket)
  • From 20.45, jazz live

Sicilian pasta makers Simone Usenato and Vincenzo Patti are behind Vicio Il Mastro Piastraio. They are some of the few Sicilian chefs outside Sicily that honor the quintessential traditions of the island. 

Vicio successfully serves authentic Sicilian food in events and private parties throughout Amsterdam, but they’re more than cooks, they’re custodians of the Sicilian cooking secrets. The chefs make everything by hand, with the best ingredients and the most labor-intensive methods.  

Food can nurture your body, but it can also feed your soul. Chefs can tell histories with food, and it’s those histories you want to listen to. Some stories talk about priceless treasures.

Booking a catering service is easy

  • We personally deliver your order
  • Free delivery within 25 km of Amsterdam (learn more)
  • 100% homemade Sicilian cuisine
  • Top ingredients guaranteed