Authentic Sicilian Cuisine and Drinks

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We are bringing our Sicilian Cuisine and Cocktails for a unique dining experience in collaboration with Angie Cocktails & Kitchen. We are the only restaurant that will serve you the REAL and authentic Sicilian specialties. Here are some of our dishes. Come by and have a taste, if you love food, you won’t be disappointed.

Who are we?


We are professional Sicilian pasta makers Simone Usenato and Vincenzo Patti. We bring to Amsterdam the authentic, century-old cooking traditions of the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily.

Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio is more than food; it’s an experience, a peek into the old kitchens of Palermo, Syracuse, and Mount Etna’s foothills. The chef’s traditional style is the best way to savor Sicilian cooking in Amsterdam.

We serve classics like tagliatelle al ragú and pasta alla norma along with unique dishes like gamberoni with pistachio and their beautiful dish of clams and mushrooms. Squid ink-flavored, black spaghetti, with tomato, mussels, and clams is a standout dish, and so is the tagliatelle with pistachio pesto and dried tomatoes.

Come to visit us and taste the authentic Sicilian flavours!



Where are we?

Next to Vondelpark!

Amstelveenseweg 156, 1075 XN

Our Timetable

Kitchen Hours:
17.30 – 22.00
Bar Hours:
Sun – Thu
17.00 – 1.00
Fri & Sat
17.00 – 3.00