New Year’s Eve Menu

Portions are made for one person. Menu can be delivered at home or picked up in our restaurant


Add-ons total:


🍾 🎆 Celebrate New Year’s Eve with us!!  🎆🍾

We will prepare all the dishes so that you only need to heat them up, with the exception of the tortellini that require to be boiled and their sauces need to be heated up 🙂

In the next step: you will be asked to enter a date and to select between delivery or pickup.

Mixed Sicilian

Octopus salad, aubergine croquette, sardines alla beccafico, cod caponata, sweet and sour pumpkin, burrata and Sicilian cheeses, Sicilian-style mussels au gratin, Sicilian fried arancine panelle

First Course 1 choice
Tortelli stuffed with meat

covered in blueberry gorgonzola cream

Tortelli filled with salmon and lime

seasoned with thyme and white pepper in butter

Tortello del bosco

Tortelli stuffed with burrata, ricotta, walnuts, spinach, porcini mushrooms, nutmeg, saffron and parmesan

Pasta al forno alla palermitana

Palermo-style signature baked pasta

Second Course 1 choice
Roast pork shank in Marsala with vegetable and rosemary cream
Tuna alla Eoliana
Sicilian-style eggplant rolls

Stuffed with breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese, garlic parsley, raisins, pine nuts and sweet provolone, au gratin in tomato sauce, basil and parmesan

Sicilian Cannolo

Tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling of sheep ricotta

  • Finimondo – Red

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  • Nicosia – White

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  • Balbinot

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