Sicilian cuisine is one of the oldest and most varied in Europe. The influence of many civilizations, from Greeks to Romans, from Spanish to Arabs, whose ships passed through the island’s ports, can be seen and tasted in many classic Sicilian dishes.


The western port of Trapani was, for centuries, a regular stop for merchants and explorers of the vast Mediterranean Sea. Experts believe that the regular Genoese ships, that came from northern Italy’s Ligurian coast brought with them an oily, incredibly aromatic sauce: Pesto


Sicilian cooks soon made their own pesto-inspired sauce, now known as pesto Trapanese. If done right, it is one of the most complex and luscious sauces in the country



Cherry tomatoes, called ciliegino in the Sicily, give color to the famous Sicilian red pesto. Basil gives freshness and garlic pungency.


Toasted almonds, introduced in the island before 1000 BC, premium olive oil, pecorino cheese, and toasted breadcrumbs round up the dish to perfection.


When pesto Trapanese is matched with a freshly made pasta like busiate, a coiled, long pasta, traditional in the region, magic happens; the result is greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Italian government protects Busiate al Pesto Trapanese as a traditional, unique product of origin, and it’s up there with a few other legendary Italian specialties.   

The dish is often under-represented in Italian and even Sicilian menus, but it’s having a moment; you see, it’s not just an elaborate dish with a long history, but it’s vegetarian too


Conscious chefs around the world celebrate this dish and make authentic representations of it, which means you probably don’t need to travel far to enjoy the Sicilian specialty




This remarkable, home-warming dish is one of many centuries-old recipes from the old kitchens of Sicily. Sicilian food is not only unique, but overwhelmingly delicious, and chefs like Simone Usenato and Vincenzo Patti know that preserving these recipes is not just an obligation but a joy.


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Experience this classic Sicilian dish with friends and family, with coworkers and teammates. And now that you know a bit about the classic dish, you can spark the conversation.