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When available, Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio Pasta workshops are not to be missed. Hands-on, practical cooking for all experience levels will leave you with a full belly, but also a sense of pride. Making pasta is something you can’t miss in life, and it’s guaranteed that you’ll never see food in the same way again.

Ideal for office events, family time, bachelor party and team building sessions. Together with Italian chefs you will have the opportunity to learn how to make pasta and then taste your creations with a special Sicilian dinner.

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Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio
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Federico Vaccari
Federico Vaccari
14:44 04 Mar 20
Vicio and Simone are great and their Sicilian recipes are so delicious, especially fresh pasta: the best in town so... far.Totally recommended!read more
Luca Cignoni
Luca Cignoni
12:04 27 Feb 20
He makes great Sicilian Cannoli and he's very friendly and available for any requests. Strongly advised!
Anna Spinelli
Anna Spinelli
17:58 25 Dec 19
We had an amazing dinner catered at home for Christmas! Delicious starters, pasta and desserts. Really recommended!
luca gamba
luca gamba
11:00 25 Dec 19
We order the complete Christmas dinner to celebrate our Christmas in the netherlands, from antipasti to dessert every... single dish brings me to my home country Italy more specifically in Sicily.The fresh cavatelli made with Agrigento sauce, was a journey to my childhood the tomato sauce was really Sicilian and flavour and taste reminds me when my aunt was preparing this dish when the family was gathering during events like Christmas.....I can say the same for the rest of the dishes and as well the quantities of the meal is really Sicilian, very generous as Sicilian people are!Eating what Vicio and Simone prepare is not just eating is an experience and you can taste in your mouth all passion and love they put on their work in each single bite.Giusy Buscagliaread more
Claudia Lanciano
Claudia Lanciano
13:35 28 Jun 19
Ordered cakes and some typical Sicilian rustic pie....very difficult to say what was more delicious! Definitely I'll... order againread more
Alies Mulder
Alies Mulder
20:23 17 Jun 19
A truly special catering service! Vicio and Simone helped me organise my party, they made beautiful finger food which... everyone was very impressed with, delicious pasta and the most special desserts - authentic Sicilian sweets such as cannoli and my most favorite cassata! If you're looking for a trustworthy and high quality catering service, Vicio and Simone are your guys!read more
tina lippstreu
tina lippstreu
10:54 09 Jun 19
Ordered a cake from these guys and was SERIOUSLY impressed! Delivered on time, looked beautiful, and tasted like a... slice of Sicily. I’ll definitely order again. Happy customer 🙂read more
Michela Lato
Michela Lato
15:34 06 May 19
Best food for at home catering. We had Vicio’s Sicilian food for our wedding lunch with friends and it was such a... great experience. All our international friends just loved it. Make sure you order the’s the best conclusion to any meal! Photo is a bit stolen because we were too busy eating 🙂read more
Eleonora Coniglio
Eleonora Coniglio
12:32 17 Apr 19
Vicio brings Sicilian quality, taste and tradition in Amsterdam. Authentic Sicilian ingredients and traditions make is... food SICILIAN! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to eat like at home!read more
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4-hour workshop with a complimentary glass of wine included.

Price: 60€/pp.

The workshop is divided into two parts:

  1. A theoretic 30-minute part, with an introduction to different kinds of flour and on how to use eggs and water, humidity percentage and cooking times.
  2. The second part will be practical. You will experience how real Italian pasta makers work.

Our workshop aims to create three different kinds of dough, with the possibility to make vegan pasta as well!

Various types of pasta:

  • Egg pasta and cut pasta (tagliatelle, chitarra, pappardelle, sheets for lasagne and cannelloni).
  • Regional pasta and handmade traditional pasta (Sicilian busiate or fusilli from Trapani, orecchiette, cavatelli).
  • Ravioli, in different shapes and sizes (cappelletti, Sardinian culurgiones, square ravioli, triangle ravioli, cappelli, agnolotti, fagottini).

Moreover, our workshop will offer a great opportunity, to learn the history of each prepared pasta format and we guarantee that the following degustation will be extremely tasty and … plentiful.


2.5-hour catering with a fresh pasta workshop on a dish chosen by you. You can choose it on the menu section, where you can find 5 fixed menu options from 29,00 €, plus 15,00 € / per dish for the workshop. (Menu + Workshop)

Antipasti can be served at table or in a buffet; the fresh pasta you have chosen will be prepared by us on the spot, if you want to surprise your guests with demonstration of how pasta can be made at home, or by your friends and/or guests.

Enjoy a special evening! Eat a lot of Sicilian delicacies! Have fun with your guests!

My friends and I had so much fun. Drinking wine while making pasta was definitely appreciated. Lucia

Once the chef told me that we where going to eat the pasta we made few seconds ago I was impressed. Harold

Definitely exceeded my expectation. Awesome experience! Zoe